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Put a sock on it – my 2nd golf review

After my original review going somewhat viral, I’ve decided to write a 2nd review.  This one is much like my first is not your average golf review.  I’ll be honest I’m not talented enough to tell the difference between two different golf clubs, balls, or really even push carts.  (though, I may review electronic caddies later on)

So what am I going to talk about? … SOCKS!

Why?  Well, we all wear them, my dogs eat them, and frankly after underwear, they are the 2nd most important piece of golf equipment I can think of.

So here are the contenders this time:



Kent Wool

Kent Wool








I picked these three socks because I wanted to review three quality socks, that you would be able to find in most of your local golf shops.

The criteria for this review are the same as my last one:

Fit, comfort, and, ease of use. I will also review the claim to fame of each sock.  Why?  Because, believe it or not, each sock has one.  Crazy eh?

Here goes:

Contender #1 Footjoy Tech Soft – $11.95/pair – footjoy.ca

Claims to fame – fit to each foot
Anatomically, shaped foot beds that provide enhanced cushioning in important areas of high stress and impact.  They also are designed to fit both your right and left foot specifically for added support and comfort.

Fit – 9/10
Well, the first day I put these on I wasn’t paying attention and I put them on the wrong foot. Believe it or not I could actually notice a difference.  After switching them I walked around my house for a little bit and took my dogs for a quick walk (it’s not quite golf season here yet so I can’t play in them). They fit to your foot very well, as long as you put them on the right one!

Comfort – 7/10
I’m not used to wearing high end socks so these were a little different for me.  They were comfy but not as comfy as I would like.  The top is much thinner than the bottom and I really don’t like the way that feels against the tongue of the shoe, that is why I didn’t give them a better rating.

Easy of use – 6/10
Why did these socks only get a 6/10?  Because there is one sock for your right foot and one sock for your left.  What happens when you loose on of them?  Then you’re in trouble I’d say.

Overall – 22/30
These are great socks… don’t get me wrong.  But any time I have to make sure I put the right sock on the right foot (get it?) then it’s not for me.  Sorry Footjoy, love your shoes, but these socks are just not for me.

Contender #2 – Kent Wool Socks – Low Cut – $18.95/pair – kentwool.com

Claim to fame – Magical Wool
They are made out of special wool, that is breathable, comfortable, and worn by multiple PGA Tour Players including now 2 time Masters Champion, Bubba Watson.  (See everything does come back to the number 2!)

Fit – 8/10
When I took these socks out of the package right away I could see they were defiantly low cut.  They are a much lower cut that I am used to.  But I put them on anyways.  They fit true to size, maybe a little bit on the bigger side but nothing astronomical.  Defiantly a sock that would be good to golf in.

Comfort – 9/10
These socks are like walking on pillows!  To put it simply these are the most comfortable socks I have ever worn in my entire life.  Why did they not get a perfect score then?  They are actually just too low.  I found that the back of my heel was rubbing on my shoe while walking my dogs (They loved me while doing these tests, snacks and walks!).  Which for me is a big issue.  I don’t like the feeling of my heel against the top of the shoe.

Easy of use – 8/10
They aren’t foot specific, so that makes them easy for me to understand which ones go where.  The only issue I have with these is the fact that they are $20 a pair (after tax).  That means they are easy to use but not so much to buy.

Overall – 25/30
Great sock, super comfy … but pricey!

Contender #3 – Footjoy ProDry – $14.95/2 pack – footjoy.ca 

Claim to Fame – 2 for the price of 1
The ProDry has been a staple in many Golf Shops for years.  They are designed to give you a comfy fit, keep you cool and, of course, keep you dry.

Fit – 8/10
Right out of the package these socks fit great, I’m a size 11W shoe and they fit me just fine. They also sell a XL size, which can be hard to find; size13-15 for the big fellas.  The low cut option is low but not too low.  I didn’t have any issues with them falling down or being too short like I have had happen in the past.

Comfort – 9/10
Much like the Kent Wool these socks are like pillows on your feet.  They are not designed for one foot or the other, they are just designed to be comfy and wearable all day long. My only complaint is that the low cut is a touch too low and sometimes my heel catches my shoe ever so slightly but not very much.

Easy of use – 10/10
They don’t have feet specific socks, and they come in a 2 pack for $14.95!  I keep the 2nd pair in my car in case I get wet feet and I need to change.

Overall – 27/30
Price is right, and the fit is good.  Plus you get a second pair in case you loose the first.

Overall Winner:

Footjoy ProDry








If you’re like me, then you want a pair of socks you can wear day in day out, that are comfy, and that won’t break the bank.  These do all of that!! Plus, you can buy them in different lengths, and in cool colours! (single packs only for the multi-colours)

Socks have come a long way over the years.  I remember when I was a kid I used to buy 12 pairs of socks for like $10, in fact, I think my better half still does.  I don’t want you to think I’m a sock snob, but I can’t imagine doing that any more.  Better quality socks are just straight-up better.  All of these choices are a great option for anyone.  I suggest you visit your local golf shop and try them all for yourself.

Thank you very much for reading!

The Squared Pro